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Say ADIÓS to Money Worries and H.O.L.A. to Wealth™!

Hola. It’s a warm greeting in Spanish and the process of how we will work together. Conversations about money can be difficult, especially with a stranger.

Welcome to a safe space where you can talk about your goals and challenges free of judgment.

Get empowered to make good financial decisions based on your values and build a better financial future.

It's okay if you've made mistakes, I've made plenty myself.


*Prices will vary based on individual vs. couple as well as complexity.

**Yearly fees can be paid as financial planning fees (monthly/quarterly), as a percentage of assets under management, or a combination of both. Once a certain level of assets under management is achieved, ongoing financial planning services are offered at no additional cost.

We have put tremendous thought and effort into eliminating the typical barriers to financial planning services to provide world-class financial & tax planning and investment management services.


One of the unique things about our firm is that we meet you where you are. Whether you’re a high earner accumulating wealth or are a retiree enjoying your nest egg, we can help you develop a plan so that you are confident about your future.


In addition, we are able to work with our clients 100% virtually! There is no need to travel to an office, find a baby-sitter, leave work early, or deal with traffic. We can meet via phone or video chat.

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Our Clients Tend to Be:


As a busy individual, it’s difficult to keep your accounts and overall plan organized. We understand how dynamic your life is - from buying a home to switching jobs, there are a number of milestones that you need guidance in navigating. Together, we’ll work to address investment management, taxes and critical decision-making as you experience life’s most important moments. We often help our clients with the following:

Saving for a down payment on your first home

Starting a college savings plan for your kids

Understanding employer benefits, including 401(k), stock options, and other benefits

Choosing the best life insurance for your circumstances

Minimizing income taxes & preparing and filing your tax returns

Managing your investment portfolio and consolidating scattered accounts

Helping you make strategic financial decisions throughout the year

With $250,000+ in Income and/or $250,000+ in Investable Assets


As you prepare for or continue to enjoy retirement, it’s important to understand how to best invest your assets and minimize taxes. The ultimate goal is to make sure you don’t run out of money in retirement which is why we will also address your income options during this chapter. We’ll work to provide confidence and peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions related to your post-work life. We often help our clients with the following:

Managing your investment portfolio and protecting your nest egg while maintaining your desired lifestyle

Minimizing income taxes & preparing and filing your tax returns

Planning regarding paying for part of your grandchildren's college expenses

Guidance regarding selling your home and/or moving to another state

Serving as a sounding board for overall financial decisions

With $750,000+ in Investable Assets

Additionally, we work well with clients whose parents are more comfortable speaking Spanish. As one of the very few Spanish-speaking CFP® professionals, we work well with those seeking a personal relationship that they can receive sound advice from.

I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to help others pursue their goals and make their dreams a reality. I keep it real with my clients - that means no fancy jargon or investment terms.

Helping  Latino GenXers maximize their financial prowess is especially exciting for me. Whether you need additional support in managing your day-to-day budget, or advice on low-cost, long-term investment goals, I can help you map out your goals and together we will create a realistic path towards them.

Your journey to wealth and financial wellness can be easier and more satisfying when we work together toward your goals.


That's how we will identify whether what you need and my expertise match up. You'll get the information you need to make a confident decision at the right time. 

We'll begin with a complimentary 30-minute conversation where we explore your current situation and vision for your future.

Based on our thoughts and comfort together, we'll either agree to work together to help you build a better financial future or schedule another conversation to continue to explore our fit.





To begin our official work together, we'll have a 60-90 minute discovery meeting (via video conferencing). This conversation is focused entirely on you and what your better financial future looks like. We will explore your future goals and your current situation.

In advance, you'll use a convenient link to the client portal to complete  your registration and upload any necessary documents.



In our next conversation, you will receive your comprehensive financial plan. This is YOUR plan - unique to you - based on your financial history, your current status, and your financial goals for the future.


The recommendations for getting you to your goals are customized for you. Your plan will include a detailed action list that we will help you implement. Why? Because that is how you will reach your goals!

Life will happen. And our quarterly or semi-annual check-in meetings ensure that your financial plan continues to support you and your goals.

These virtual meetings take place scheduled or as major life events occur. Don't worry, you have access to phone and email support in between our scheduled meetings.

Speaking of ACTION - the easiest, best next thing you can do is BOOK A CALL with me for a no pressure exploratory meeting.






As you’ve probably noticed by now, we do things a bit differently around here. So, what is it like working with Luis and Build a Better Financial Future LLC? 


Here’s what you can expect...



No fancy jargon, get financial planning in simple terms you understand and resonate with - in english or spanish.


Virtual Planning

I ditched my office. This means you’re not limited by location. You can meet with me from your home or any other convenient location via video chat.



Get clarity around your money with clear, actionable steps. You’ll feel empowered, rather than overwhelmed and clouded.


No Pushy Sales

You don’t ever have to worry that recommendations are not in your best interest because I don’t sell any products. 


As a Fee-Only advisor, my compensation comes directly from my clients in an easy and transparent fee schedule.



You get customized planning because  I do not work for a bank or an insurance company, I work for you.


Ongoing Planning

Life happens, and it’s important to know that you’re prepared for the unexpected.

You receive ongoing support throughout the entire year and as life events occur.



A fancy word (I know I said no jargon! Just one exception, promise.) for stating that I will always uphold your financial interests and needs first.


¡Si Se Puede! 
Let’s do this!

Click below to schedule an intro call:

First select two possible dates/times, then complete the short intake form so that I can be best prepared to understand your goals and be able to make the best use of our time together.

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